About GWriters

GWriters is a constantly expanding web platform for the meditation of academic freelancers, including writers, editors, translators, proofreaders and coaches from all kinds of academic branches. Our freelancers support our clients in the development of nearly all types of academic texts, works and projects.

The Challenge

Academic writing is a challenging task. It involves professional competence, scientific know-how and the highest degree of precision.

The required experience in composing academic texts and works is often missing our clients. First troubles already occur in the intensive search for literature, its review and implementation, followed by difficulties in composing the work, expressing own thoughts and developing a writing style. This is aggravated by time pressure and scientific guidelines.

The Solution

GWriters offers fast and reliable access to over 600 selected writers, proofreaders, editors, coaches and translators. These help our clients with our valuable academic writing service, proofreading services, editing service, copywriting services, plagiarism check and professional translation services. Help can be sought when it comes to academic works, such as dissertations, essays, theses but also SEO content, books, CVs, business plans, resumes and several articles.


The brand GWriters is not seen as a discounter with low prices but offers services at highest levels of quality – for fair and transparent prices. When demanding our services, you receive a fixed price offer with no additional (hidden) costs.

Our Freelancers

Our freelancer are academics of various levels of success and fields of study. This allows us to find the right freelancer for almost all kinds of academic texts and works. Even very specific requests can be dealt with. Our strict and consistent quality control enables us to offer the highest quality.

The Team

The Team consists of a young team of academics with comprehensive experience in composing academic works, a wide-ranging contact network and passion for using modern technologies. We see it as our task to redefine the existent market for academic freelancers. It is our goal to meet the needs of both our clients and freelancers.