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  • You would like to work independently from home?
  • You have excellent knowledge and research skills in a specific academic area?
  • You are able to express yourself clearly and create logical structures?
  • You have an excellent choice of words and the ability to work on academic texts?
  • You always offer high-quality work and meet deadlines?

Yes? Then you should consider working for GWriters. We offer academic freelance online jobs in nearly all areas of study.

GWriters offers academic online jobs

In these modern and fast times jobs that are well-paid and do not burn you out are hard to find. Many people are actually searching for work. Others have work but suffer from victimisation at their working places or are unable to sufficiently combine family life and work. We are aware of these problems and offer you online jobs you can work on at home.

Due to the raising demand for academic services, we are constantly searching for:

  • Freelance writers: You compose highly researched academic articles, works, books, CVs, blog articles and other texts for companies or private people.
  • Freelance proofreaders: You check academic texts and CVs for spelling and grammar mistakes and correct them.
  • Freelance editors: You do not only correct bad spelling and grammar, but also the content, style and word choice of the text to make it ready for publishing.
  • Freelance copywriters: You write unique and valuable articles, posts and product descriptions for our customers that are compatible with search engines.
  • Freelance translators: You translate academic texts from your field of study into your native language.

Interested? Apply now and make use of the benefits of our online jobs!

There are numerous reasons and facts that make online jobs an enormously attractive alternative to “regular” work. These include but are not limited to:

1. Be your own boss: No more tasks to fulfil by timelines, no stress. Only you decide what you work and how long you work on your online job.
2. No more travelling to work: Count together the times you need per week to get to and from work. You can save these hours week by week with online jobs and spend this time for more pleasant things.
3. Set your own hours: You are tired of working from 9 to 5? With an online job you can decide when you work, may it be 6 in the morning or at 10 in the evening. You can adapt to your personal feeling.
4. Work anywhere in the world: This might be the biggest advantage of online jobs. As long you have a PC and internet access, it does not matter where you are on this planet to complete your work.
5. Do what you love: Instead of working for the wealthiness of another person you have the freedom of doing what you love by using the skills you enjoy with an online job.

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