About GWriters

GWriters is a fast growing web platform for the mediation between academic freelancers and our clients. Under the definition of “freelancers” fall: editors, proofreaders, ghostwriters, copywriters and translators; also writers and coaches. These specialists operate in all areas applicable for the scientific sphere. In particular, our freelancers support you in the drafting of all-conceivable types of scientific texts and written works.

The Challenge

Writing a scientific work is a demanding, exigent and most often- a very time-consuming process. It requires professional competence, thoroughness and experience, which our freelancers possess.

Exactly the necessary experience in dealing with the various requirements of a scientific work is what often lacks our customers. The strain begins with an intensive literature research, review and topic evaluation. Also, the language implementation and the writing of a scientific work itself represent a major challenge for many. Moreover, in conjunction with these points come the time-confronting pressure and strict scientific guidelines.

The Solution

GWriters facilitates fast and discreet access to currently over 500 selected authors, editors, proofreaders, ghostwriters and translators. They assist you in generating, correcting, translating or revising any type of academic texts, exemplary elaboration for a diploma thesis, master thesis, bachelor thesis, doctoral thesis, term papers and or research papers. GWriters lays special emphasis upon providing the highest quality and checks for all scientific texts we receive from you. Our mediated freelancers will go through each written work and prepare an individual multi-layered quality assurance system, including a comprehensive examination of plagiarism.


GWriters does not consider itself as a discounter, but rather as a provider that offers you the highest level of services, combined with the most reasonable, fair and transparent prices. Thereby, you receive an invariably fixed price offer; throughout the whole process there will be absolutely no rise of further (hidden) costs for you, notwithstanding the amount of additional effort incurred from us.

Our Authors

Our authors enlist experienced academics with different background, specialised in various scientific fields. This allows us to convey the appropriate author or reviewer for almost every text, and respectively for any kind of scientific work. Even if your inquiry is exceedingly specific and definite, in most cases we are able to manage your request. The highest quality is maintained through a strict selection process and continuous monitoring by the supervisor.

The Team

Behind GWriters one can find a young team of academics with extensive experience in the elaboration of scientific works, with a large-scale contact network and passion for the usage of modern technologies. We see it as our task to redefine the existing market for academic freelancers. Our goal is to meet the demands of our customers and clients, as well as of our academic freelancers.