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During a long writing process with many weeks of work and nights without sleep, it is not uncommon that students forget to mark text parts as quotations and accidentally include plagiarism in their work. Make use of our plagiarism check to prevent the unintentional misusage of sources. GWriters uses all types of check for plagiarism softwares that are known to schools and universities.

It is an essential part of scientific writing to refer to previous research results in the specific area and the current research situation. The quality and quantity of used references are as important as their correct use and quotation.
There are several consequences from the use of plagiarism. Not only do students fail in courses, but also suffer expulsion. When using plagiarism in great dimensions, especially dissertations, students can expect legal effects. To prevent this case, GWriters offers its plagiarism check with anti plagiarism software that is used by teaching institutions in UK.

Be on the safe side, make a plagiarism check.

Plagiarism has various definitions, reaching from wrongful appropriation, close imitation or publishing another author’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs, formulas, codes, language, research, strategies or wordings as one’s own words. Putting it simpler, plagiarism is the stealing and passing off the ideas of another, using another’s work without crediting the source and committing literary theft. To put it to a point: plagiarism involves both stealing another person’s work and denying this fraud afterwards. As the forms and types of plagiarism are various, plagiarism is not always easy to identify. To prevent plagiarism, experts recommend citing a source when an author is in doubt about quotation or to make a deep plagiarism check.

Plagiarism is not just the copying word for word; all of the following is also considered to be plagiarism:

  • turning another one’s work into one’s own
  • copying words or ideas without giving credit
  • not putting a quotation in marks
  • incorrect information about a quotation’s source
  • change of words but copying the sentence structure without giving credit
  • copy of an amount of words of thoughts that it makes up the majority of the work

Free plagiarism checkers and detectors

You can find an online plagiarism checker and plagiarism detector offered for free. Unfortunately, it is not recommendable to use them. A plagiarism check in depth is not offered by free plagiarism checkers. These free versions only mark obvious plagiarism that can easily be found by common web search engines. Sources from special web platforms and from specialist books or magazines are not detected. The most effective and safest way to exclude plagiarism in a text is a professional plagiarism check.

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