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If you are thinking about starting up a new business there are plenty of things to consider. Not only do you have to come up with a brilliant idea of what it is you would like to offer, either products or services, but you also have to do market research and identify your competitors as well as your potential customers. The transformation of a vision into a real business thus consists of different stages. Writing a business plan is an important first step towards the realisation of your new business. Let GWriters help you define your goals and outline how to achieve them.

Who are the business plan writers?

Our business plans are written by different freelancers that can be roughly divided into four groups:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People in management positions
  • Professional consultants
  • Professional business plan writers

Within these groups the professional business plan writers are of special interest. As the compilation of a business plan is time-consuming and the right addressing to the right audience is a matter of experience, most young entrepreneurs seek the advice of professional business plan writers. Professional business writers are also consulted by top managers to profit from their daily experience and their networks. Therefore the number of professional business plan writers working for GWriters has been steadily increasing over the last years. Our professional business plan writers have various backgrounds from entrepreneurs and former top managers to consultants and lawyers.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formal statement about an existing company or an idea that should be transferred into a new business. Business plans writers include the goals initiators want to achieve (the vision) and the way they want to achieve those goals (the mission) in a specific period of time that ranges between 3-5 years. Due to the fact that most business plans are relevant for potential investors, a fixed set of information must be implied in each business plan. The importance of excellent business plan writers is obvious- use our services to attract potential investors and increase your business success.

What is the aim of a business plan?

Business plans pursue different goals depending on their nature. The majority of business plans are written to start new businesses. These business plans are primarily addressed to financial stakeholders to raise venture capital and cover the first investment for starting a business. Therefore such plans must be consistent and convincing especially in the financial spheres. Other business plans are written in already existing companies. They are created to reach and roadmap important goals, strategic shifts, add new business units or simply to have a guideline for the further development of the company. Those business plans are more internally addressed, although they are also of interest to stakeholders outside the company.

How does a business plan look like?

The extent and depth content of a business plan depends on the audience the business plan is addressed to. Nevertheless business plan writers should cover the following points:

  • Table of content
  • Executive summary
  • Environmental analysis (competitor analysis, market analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Operational plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Financial plan
  • Management summary

Besides these minimum requirements business plans can contain additional information about the company itself, beliefs and values inside the company and/or milestones for realising the business plan.

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