Editor Jobs

GWriters is currently offering editor jobs to complete its team of freelancers. An ideal applicant for an editor job must prove his/her strong ability to revise a piece of written work and improve it up to a high standard. These improvements will concern not only grammar, spelling and form but also content of the text. Editor job candidates therefore have to have a strong ability to communicate, to understand information and ideas in order to organise them systematically.

Editor jobs and responsibilities

The works our editors have to correct are academic writings, business reports or articles created for the Internet. At times they might even analyse CVs or business plans to make amendments. Hence there are different responsibilities freelancers doing editor jobs have to take on.
These include:

  • check spelling and grammar
  • read proof
  • verify information given in the text / check quotations
  • consider the work’s appeal to the reader
  • consider the work’s scientific relevance

All freelancers doing editor jobs have to closely examine the structure as well as the content of the written piece of work. Especially when editing academic writings like dissertations or theses the scholastic background and knowledge of the editor is essential. He or she has to make sure that the text does indeed conform to academic standards and is of scientific relevance. Our editors have to check if the thoughts expressed by the writer are methodically developed and logical. If necessary, the editor has to improve the quality of the text.

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