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Struggling to find the time to get your articles completed is a common every day situation for many people worldwide. Finding the right freelance writer to meet the needs of an order and produce a strong and concise academic article is just as important to GWriters as it is to our clients. GWriters works with over 600 highly qualified freelance writers who have post-graduate and professional degrees in the field of specialisation that you may require. The helping hand of a dedicated professional essay writer can make all the difference in your custom paper.

Article writing

Article Writing is the process of creating a piece of written work, which will be published- most commonly online, but also in newspapers, magazines, books, academic journals. Articles are often targeted at a specific audience and this can be seen in terms language tone and location used.

Tone of articles

Academic articles differ from other types of articles by their tone of language. The audience for scholarly writing is usually students, their lecturers and researchers on a specific subject, rather than the world at large. The language used in academic and technical writing may be quite dry and precise or quite lengthy and it may not be particularly engaging – even for those with an active interest in the subject. This is not usually down to any desire on the part of the author for his work to be inaccessible and impenetrable, but to one’s willingness to express as fully as possible the results of his piece of research into a given subject. These sorts of essays will usually only be published in peer-reviewed journals – publications where all articles must be approved and tested by an editorial board. Academic articles are always indexed and fully referenced by the usage of referencing systems such as the Harvard citation system.

For non-academic writing, the article writers are usually people with an interest in a particular subject, or people writing on behalf of those with an interest. You will find that lots of businesses engage in article creation, or employ the article writing services of a specialist outsourcer to do the writing on their behalf. Such pieces of work have SEO benefits online as well as being usable for offline publishing.

When writing any article you must keep a number of factors in mind. Write too little and search engines will not include your work in their searches. Write too much and the writing process becomes inefficient and people get turned off by what you have written. So it is important to keep article length to 300-600 words if you can.

People often use the “four points” approach to article writing.
1.) Select a topic on which you are going to write.
2.) Research for a maximum of 10 minutes, writing down the four main “points” of your piece as you research. Once you have “4 points” STOP RESEARCHING!
3.) Start writing your article:
1. The first 100 words are going to be briefly defining what each of the four points actually means
2. The last 100 words are going to be a conclusion.
3. That gives you 100 words per “point” to flesh out and turn into an article.

Of course there are lots of reasons why you might not want to write an article on your own. It can take time especially at the beginning. It may be more efficient to outsource your article writing to a specialist so you can concentrate on running your business. Whatever your reasons, if you decide to outsource, take proper references from former customers, try to find examples of their work to see if you like their writing style, only approach native speakers or very strong second language speakers, and do not necessarily go for the cheapest offer, unless you are willing to accept substandard work.

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