Freelance Work

In these modern and fast times jobs that are well-paid and do not burn you out are hard to find. Many people are actually searching work. Others have work but suffer from victimisation at their working places or are unable to combine family life and work sufficiently. We are aware of these problems and offer you academic freelance work.

Due to the raising demand for academic services, GWriters is constantly offering freelance work as:

  • Academic writers: You compose highly researched academic articles, works, books, CVs, blog articles and other texts for companies or private people.
  • Academic proofreaders: You check academic texts and CVs for spelling and grammar mistakes and correct them.
  • Academic editors: You do not only correct bad spelling and grammar, but also the content, style and word choice of the text to make it ready for publishing.
  • Academic copywriters: You write unique and valuable articles, posts and product descriptions for our customers that are compatible with search engines.
  • Academic translators: You translate academic texts from your field of study into your native language.

Benefits of freelance work

Freelance work offers several advantages that turn it into an attractive alternative to traditional jobs. A few of these recompenses are:

  • flexibility
  • control
  • autonomy
  • freedom

The flexibility of working hours is indeed one of the reasons to make the decision for freelance work. You are your own boss and can therefore work at the times that are most convenient to you. There are no regular working-hours that dictate and schedule your day. You are free to plan when to do what – and where; another of the advantages of freelancing. Nobody requires you to commute to an office that is sometimes not exactly right around the corner of your home. As you can work from home you do not have to worry about such trivial but annoying things like finding a parking spot near your workplace or the delays of public transportation you rely on. Furthermore, you alone are in control of your work load as you can turn away or take on work as you want to. You have the freedom to choose your clients and projects. To sum it up, as a freelancer you have all the autonomy to operate on your own terms.

GWriters offers you freelance work with all of these advantages and allows you to have the work-life-balance you aspire to have.

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