Proofreading Jobs

GWriters is currently offering proofreading jobs to complete its team of freelancers. Ideal applicants of proofreading jobs must prove their strong ability to revise a piece of written work and make meaningful improvements to it. These improvements will concern punctuation, grammar and spelling in the text and its technical and specific terms.

Purpose of proofreading jobs

Before composing an academic work, a writer has to do extensive research and analyse and organise the content to finally come up with a well-structured piece of work. With all this work, he can often simply overlook mistakes regarding grammar, punctuation or spelling, especially in technical terms. If these errors sum up, however, the picture of the work as a whole might suffer. Even if the content is great, too many errors can diminish that good impression. The success of the work is definitely not only influenced by the content but also by its form. Most readers cannot ignore the fact that a text is badly written. To be well written, a text not only has to be structured logically, it furthermore has to be fluent and understandable. This readability also has to do with the avoidance of errors. The quality of a text depends both on its content and its form. Proofreading jobs therefore have the purpose to ensure that the work can be published or submitted free from errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Difference between editing and proofreading jobs

In contrast to editing, proofreading jobs do not include the correction of the content of a piece of written work. Proofreaders do not read a text to make improvements to its logical structure or even to fill in gaps when necessary. They instead concentrate on the form and language of a text solely. In proofreading jobs, work has to be read closely and possible errors have to be corrected. Editors should be experts in the field the work is written about, proofreaders on the other hand do not have to know about the content of the particular work, but still be familiar with the technical terms to make corrections.

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