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No matter how carefully written a text or a presentation is, it might contain some slips of the pen- small grammar, spelling and content mistakes. Our freelance proofreading is carried out by experts, who are absolutely accurate and mindful in their work to raise the quality and success of your paper.

After finishing the long writing process of an academic work, students often tend to overestimate their writing programs and do not attach importance to a careful revision and proofreading of their writings. In most cases, computer programs with an integrated proofreading service in English mark obvious errors, but leave out bad syntax and grammar. Especially when it comes to academic works with specialised content, technical terms are most of the time not recognised by programs. With our professional proofreading services you avoid unpleasant embarrassment in front of your professors, colleagues or even your boss.

Friends and family members proofreading can help with spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes, but not when it comes to topic related terms and their correct use. Regardless of what kind of academic paper you have to write, it is always advisable to let your paper be checked by a proofreader who is familiar with the topic and does not only correct obvious mistakes but also examines the work in depth and finds discrepancies in the content. If choosing our professional proofreading services, we will ensure that your text is free of any mistakes before published.

About Proof reading & Proofreading Services

Proof reading can be defined as the close examination of a written piece of paper to find and correct mistakes in typography, grammar, spelling or style. Therefore proofreaders have to be very precise and careful in their work as they offer the last revision before a text is submitted. Forms of proof reading services in English do vary. Classically a text is sent to a proofreader who then checks and corrects the text in his office. As a second step of our proofreading service, this text is sent back to the author who then can decide whether to let the text be checked by another proofreader (also referred to as “double reading”) or not. More modern forms of English proofreading services include direct online proofreading and editing, proof reading service via email or via data exchange on the internet.

There are some points an author can do to improve his text by himself before he uses a proofreading service and sends his text to a professional proofreader. These points include:

  • Using a printout, not a computer screen to proofread the text by himself. Most people have troubles finding mistakes on the screen.
  • Reading out loud to hear and identify textual problems that may be read over.
  • Using a sheet of paper to hide the lines below the reading line to prevent mistakes’ lapse.
  • Using technical devices, for example search functions, to find possible mistakes.
  • Usage of English proofreading services of the writing programme utilised, or reading backwards word by word.
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