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Whenever you want to improve your scholarly, scientific, technical or medical writing, we can help you by offering our professional editing service. Thereby we will prepare your work for submission. Our freelance editors do not only correct your spelling, grammar and language errors, but also upgrade your word choice and organisation, and spot discrepancies in your subject-specific content.

Especially in large projects or scientific works, the creation process often includes many weeks of work. After a long planning and an expensive research phase, followed by a good deal of writing, people often tend to underestimate a careful revision of their writings. Computer programs with integrated editing services and family members might spot obvious errors regarding syntax and grammar, but when it comes to the content, the voice tone and organisational structure, it is necessary to have the work edited by someone who is familiar with your specific topic. Benefit our editorial services and make your work ready for submission or publication!

Our professional editing services

Besides excellent content, a convincing idea or statement and correct writing, it is also the form, appearance and traceability of a text, which strongly influences success or a mark. To achieve higher results in this important field, GWriters offers its text editing services for students, faculties, authors, business professionals and non-native English writers. Due to our large archive of academic editors, our freelance editors come from nearly all fields of study. Therefore we are able to offer editorial services even for very specialised projects. To ensure the high quality of our editing services, we involve a supervisor to double-check your work.

Difference between our proofreading and editing services

Our freelancers, who offer editorial services, cover two fields of editing online. The field of proofreading focuses on the eloquence and accuracy of a text. Special interest is drawn to spelling, punctuation, structure, narration and flow. This field is offered in our proofreading services. Our editing service additionally includes the field of content editing, which takes aim at the general improvement and persuasiveness of a text. Content editing may include character or plot development, chapter arrangement or cohesion as well as the contextual accuracy of the writings. With the help of our writing and editing service, a strong marketability and excitement of your text can be achieved. Therefore, our professional editors are able to identify and correct any weakness in content. Moreover they can give their professional and competent opinion on any aspect of your work. Due to this they are able to correct and improve your work as a whole, and to achieve the effect or statement you want to convey.

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