Professional Translation Services

When it comes to professional translation, the understanding of the text is indispensable: it is only possible to reproduce a text if the content is entirely understood. GWriters only works with translators who are native speakers of the demanded language and have strong analytical skills and expertise in the specific area of study. We ensure that your translated document does not lose its quality.

Especially in times of globalisation, it became common that documents and texts have to be available in different languages. When it comes to scientific works, there are several reasons why they have to be translated in a foreign language. Many papers, articles, summaries and texts need to be not only available in English, but also in other languages. Especially when it comes to scientific works and new research results, publications often need to be made in several international journals to make sure that grand results gain publicity all over the world.

Translation services UK & languages

Due to our large pool of translators, GWriters can offer more languages than most of the other translation companies or interpreting agencies you might know. Regardless of the type of work you would like to submit, may it be academic, business or creative, GWriters can offers its professional translation services UK in these languages:

English, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Latin, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Our translators

In order to translate a given text properly, translators working for the GWriters language translation agency have to fulfil a number of prerequisites:

  • Native knowledge of the demanded language: For our professional translation services it is very important, that all translators are native speakers to ensure accurate interpreting and prevention of differences between the original text and the end product.
  • High expertise in the demanded area of study: Someone who does not understand the given material cannot offer professional translation. Our professional translation services are only offered by academics.
  • Talent for writing: The defining characteristic of all our translated texts is that they never sound “translated”.
  • Extreme accuracy to record all information of the original text: Each product is checked twice by a second translator.
  • Adaptability and organisational skills: All of our authors have the ability to work under time pressure and still offer document translation services of high quality.

Professional translation services tips

In order to achieve a successful translation and choose the right translation services the following points should be respected:

  • Never request a translation into a language that is not the translator’s native language.
  • Always handle over all materials and sources that were used for the original work in case the translator needs to research some aspects.
  • Indicate the intention of the work.
  • Grant enough time for the professional translation and give feedback, if possible.
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