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Nowadays everybody has a busy life with thousands of things to do all at the same time. Consequently, it is often not possible to sit down, do the thinking and the research and eventually the putting together and noting down a report. A report writer can assist you by taking over this time-consuming task of writing a successful and well-structured report. Skilled report writers help not only compose those presentations of facts but also do the research necessary to come up with all the relevant information to be gathered in such an account. Their experience and knowledge allow report writers to create reports for various areas. Hence our services cover technical report writing as well as business report writing.

Professional report writers

Every report writer working for GWriters is an academic with high experience and skills in his area of study. Due to our large database with over 600 academic freelancers, we are able to find the right report writer for even very specific and extraordinary subjects. Whenever you have to prepare a report for readers in a different language than English, we work together with native-speaking report writers for 26 languages. Get in touch with us to find the report writer you prefer, you will receive a response within a few hours.

Content and form of reports

Reports are usually a collection of information, of facts, data or findings. Therefore a report writer can, for instance, include tables and charts as well as figures or pictures. Those are put together by the report writer in an account to represent particular content for a particular audience. Thence, as the readers differ the form and intention of the reports differ, too. Reports are as much part of business life as they are used for academic and scientific purposes. They can therefore be composed by report writers to:

  • inform
  • explain
  • or / and persuade

Generally, reports thus give information and demand a reaction from their readers. The audience is either asked to actively take action or the results of the report can passively affect their decisions. Before writing down your report you have to ask yourself what it is you want your audience to do or think after they have read your report. A report writer has to set an objective and purpose for the report.

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