Nowadays everybody has a busy life with thousands of things to do all at the same time. Consequently, it is often not possible to sit down, do the thinking and the research and, eventually, the putting together and noting down a report. Our report services can assist you by taking over this time-consuming task of writing, and implement a successful and well-structured paper. Skilled report writers help not only compose those presentations of facts but also do the research necessary to come up with all the relevant information to be gathered in such an account. Their experience and knowledge allow them to create papers for various areas. Hence our services cover technical report writing as well as business report writing.
There are several services that can be considered when searching for help:

    Report services

  • Writing service – An academic report writer with high experience in your subject can write either your whole report or only specific parts. If the report is supposed to be written for international readers, you can have it written by native-speaking freelancers in 26 languages.
  • Proofreading service – In order to avoid embarrassment in front of colleagues and superiors by having mistakes in spelling and grammar, a proofreader can spot and correct mistakes even in technical terms.
  • Editing service – Not only mistakes in spelling and grammar, but also discrepancies in structure, style and content can be avoided with our freelance editors.
  • Professional translation services – Whenever you need your report translated for readers from abroad, use our translation services that are offered by native-speaking academics for 26 languages.

Report writing

Reports are mostly the result of hard work, examinations, analyses and research. Most of the time these reports intend to reach readers that are already specialists in the area as well. Although one can suspect that the readers have certain knowledge regarding the topic of the paper, it is nevertheless important to give necessary background information or even define technical terms. When writing, always keep the reader in mind, too.

Report structure

A report usually consists of several components, which in a rough outline are:

  • introduction
  • middle section
  • conclusion
  • recommendations

Added to these categories are:

  • title page
  • short summary
  • table of contents
  • appendices
  • bibliography / references
  • glossary

While the introduction should briefly give background information on why the report is necessary, the middle section proves to be the main part and hence has to be structured carefully. Divide the facts in several logical sections so that the reader is able to immediately find the most important thoughts and information without being distracted by irrelevant matters. Our specialists in report writing will support you in finding out what these significant facts and information are and put them into a logical order. They will then work on report’s conclusion, which summarises the main points and convinces the reader to follow along to your recommendations.
Our report services are there to support you and your report from beginning to the end, from the title page to the bibliography.

Useful Weblinks

Guide to Report Writing – University of Cambridge
Report Guidelines – University of Leicester
Report – Wikipedia

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