Translation Jobs

This is the age of globalisation. People are more flexible than ever and due to the Internet the world seems to have shrunk. Even if companies are oceans apart, the World Wide Web connects them and allows for easy communication. The ability to read, write and speak more than one language becomes hence more and more important. Accordingly, the demand for translators is also high and the more obscure the language you are able to translate, the better. GWriters offers several translation jobs and is seeking skilled freelance translators.

Qualifications for translation jobs

In order to publish academic texts in different countries, clients often use our professional translation services. To ensure the correctness of a translation and its readability, a translator working online for GWriters only works on texts that have to be translated into his native language. He is an expert in his area of study and is therefore able not only to translate a text word for word, but also to keep its value and quality at the original level.

Types of translation jobs

Depending on your translation jobs, you should always be aware what type of client the translation is for and make sure that you can handle technical terminology, which might as well occur in a particular text. This is important as the translation should not sound like a translation but like an original text, which is accurate and consistent in its style.
Translation jobs are offered in several fields of study:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Sciences
  • Applied Sciences
  • Economics
  • other sciences & subjects
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