Writing Jobs

Do you like to work and write in the academic sphere? Is writing one of your passions? Do you enjoy doing research because you think of it as a way to keep educating yourself? If you have answered all of these questions with a cheery ‘yes’, then we do have the right writing jobs for you!

Whenever companies or private people need specific texts on topics and tasks, they make use of our writing services. Due to the increasing demand for academic texts, we are constantly offering writing jobs for freelance writers to complete and enlarge our team.

Benefits of a writer job

Besides the wide range of fields you could write papers in, the freelance writer job offers further benefits. As a freelancer you are your own boss and can manage your time freely as long as you hold the deadlines. Moreover you can choose how long to work, from where you work and choose the topic you want to spend your time with. Additionally, your writing job intensity directly converts into a higher payment, meaning that you can define your monthly income. Finally, another major reason for engaging in the writing profession is building ones profile and thereby preparing for your future personal career development by obtaining a good and relevant formal education.

GWriters writing jobs

With GWriters you get the opportunity to engage in the interesting and growing field of freelance writing jobs. GWriters offers a variety of services, ranging from writing services to SEO copywriting services to translation services and more. Customers demand a vast number of types of written pieces, starting from dissertation over essays to books, reports, articles, assignments or even business plans. Therefore it becomes obvious that the amplitude of writing jobs a freelancer at GWriters can do is formidable.

Writer jobs qualifications

The qualifications for writer jobs are comparatively easy to meet:

  • Preferably a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Interest in writing
  • Writing and formatting skills
  • Research and reading skills
  • Ability to hold deadlines
  • Responsibility
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