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Whether you are asked to write a dissertation, business plan, book or research paper, GWriters covers a full spectrum of valuable writing services. We co-work with experts in all areas of study. Our freelancers and are professionals in writing specialised texts and science written works. As they are experienced writers, you can expect fast service and excellent results. Use our freelance writing help and leave the hard work to us!

Our freelance writing services can help you when:

  • you need a structure or outline of your work or project
  • you are looking for someone to write down your research results
  • your text or work needs to be completed or edited
  • you would like to improve the quality of your texts (including proofreading, editing & plagiarism check
  • you need help with the interpretation of statistical data, market analyses or other empirical studies
  • your text needs to be written in a completely different language, or when you need your work to include only some parts in English
  • you need help with writing a political or formal speech
  • you would like to improve your webpage with valuable and unique content
  • you need a presentation for your project

Academic writing service

Academic writing is requested in all fields of secondary education, university life, journals and science. Such types of scientific work are defined by strict rules and normally have a concrete intention. For most academic texts, an intense and deep source and information research is necessary to conduct high quality, convincing statements and ideas. In most cases an academic writing is addressed to a well-conversant audience, posting new ideas or arguments. Therefore our writing services are implemented by experienced authors with academic background. Due to our writers’ broad experience in their field of study and the ability to express themselves clearly and informatively, our freelance help supports you in bringing the best results in your academic work or project.

Business writing service

In contrast to academic writing, business writing is not necessarily bound to specific rules or formats. Depending on the audience it is addressed to, tone can range from formal to neutral or even informal. Business writing covers all fields of business life. It can be found in presentations, internal and external reports, business-plans or emails. Clients using our writing service for business texts have various backgrounds, ranging from normal employees to top managers. The same is valid for their educational backgrounds as well. Often, they have great ideas to improve their business, but do not have the time to realise their ideas in writing or to prepare presentations. Our freelance business writing services can help you write down business plans, create outlines for projects and presentations not only in English, but in many other languages as well.

Creative writing service

Creative writing covers all fields of narrations, stories and other forms of texts, which do not tend to inform and advise a special audience. Therefore this sub-division of our writing services has to be seen as a different section, compared to the academic, business, technical or journalistic writing. Creative writing is free in form and content, but normally includes the following elements:

  • Character
  • Point of view
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Motif

English writing and other languages

Regardless of the writing type you have to conduct, may it be academic, business or creative writing, GWriters offers not only texts written in English, but also in other languages:

English, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Latin, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

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