SEO Copywriting Services

Search engines focus on supplying their users with the best results possible, SEO therefore requires unique and relevant content. We create researched, targeted and concise content to help you not only improve your listing in search engines, but also win new customers and increase your sales. Use our help and benefit from GWriters’ SEO copywriting services!

By using our SEO copywriting services you receive:

  • SEO articles, blog articles, press releases, news feeds and more
  • researched and target-oriented content
  • highly informative articles worth using as resource
  • copy writing service that goes in-line with your brand values
  • no spamming or keyword-stuffing

SEO copywriting services standards

In order to increase the conversion rate of your website, it is crucial to use SEO copywriting services that create content of high quality, which is also interesting and worth sharing with others. Each text created by a freelance copywriter has to meet several standards before leaving our office. All of the content created by our website copywriting services is:

  • relevant – of a high interest for your clients
  • related – to you and your business values
  • unique – distinguishing your website from those of competitors
  • significant – search engines pursue high quality results

Our freelance copywriters

We co-operate with various freelance copywriters, who possess experience in different scientific spheres. This is why it is possible to hire freelancers from almost all fields of study, even technical and therefore very complex requests are not a problem for us. Not only GWriters’ freelancers are highly proficient in marketing and target-oriented writing, but they are also very skilled in SEO. Due to our large database of freelancers around the world, you have the opportunity not only to hire a SEO copywriter UK, but also copywriters from abroad. You can hire a native freelance copywriter speaking the following languages:

English, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Latin, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

About SEO copywriting

SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimisation. It can be defined as the positive affection of a web page’s visibility or site in a search engine’s search results. The higher a page is ranked in the search engine’s results, the more likely it is that users of the search engine will visit the page, read and promote or share the text. The targets of SEO may differ, ranging from image, video or local to academic search. Copywriting can be defined as the act of writing an advertisement text or market diverse objects, for example products, opinions, businesses, ideas or even people. Copywriting service aims at persuading the reader to buy a product, share an idea promoted in the text or convince the reader or the positions in the text. Putting the definition of SEO and copywriting together, SEO copywriting is the skilful manipulation of a web page’s wording to place it among the top results of a search engine without impeding the readability and persuasiveness of the text. Use our freelance copywriting service to improve your business success!

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