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Our freelancers create quality content that does not only attract search engines, but also keeps readers engaged. Use our SEO copywriting services to receive content that is:

  • unique and written just for you
  • well-researched and informative, but still easy to understand
  • worth sharing with others, increasing the number of your backlinks
  • corresponding with your business values
  • not overspammed with keywords

It is the wish of every single business to be first in line after a Google search and it is a SEO content writer’s job to make this wish come true. The success of a business website depends highly on the quality of its content and our freelance content writers know exactly what that means. Which is why we offer professional and top quality content writing services for businesses, blog spots, websites, social networks, etc. Not every company or institution may have the qualified personnel that is familiar with search engine optimisation and this is where we come in to help you get the job done with our SEO content services.

Valuable SEO content

Organising keywords in a comprehensible structure facilitates the usage of the website to encourage the user to spend time on your site and to become interested in the products or services you offer. Furthermore, content SEO requires texts of a high quality, interesting and worth sharing with others, virality being crucial for increasing the conversion rate of a website. Quality SEO content is always:

  • relevant – of a high interest for the user
  • related – to the operator of the website and his business/message
  • unique – distinguishing the content website from those of competitors
  • significant – search engines pursue high quality results

About SEO

Search engines focus on supplying their users with the best results possible; SEO content writing therefore requires exclusive content creation with unique and relevant SEO content. Accordingly, research shows that one of the most important factors determining the ranking of a website is its SEO content. Content in this context refers to any item in the website the user has access to – articles, guides, images, videos, blog posts, etc. More important than the quantity of the content is its quality, therefore it takes highly experienced and unique content services to implement positive results in search engine rankings and sales figures.

Creation of content SEO requires

When creating SEO content for a website, keyword research for SEO and web, content writers are compulsory. Keywords, which are likely to be used when searching for the content of a website, are collected by the content editor and used as a basis for the SEO content. Determining the website’s target group and their needs is another vital factor for successful SEO. Thus, variations of these keywords representing different user groups enhance the range of alternative search results.

Different variables are to be taken into consideration when practicing content marketing and website optimisation for search engines to make the content SEO ready. Effective SEO measures are based on the knowledge of the mechanisms of search engines:

  • Discovery: Web crawlers (software/computer program, also referred to as bots/robots/webbots) search and analyse links
  • Storage: Information (page summaries, links, etc.) of websites are indexed and stored
  • Ranking: Websites are rated according to their importance
  • Return of results: Output display of search according to rank, responding to a specific user query

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