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With our professional CV services your CV will become a personal profile that gives a picture of your professional and highly qualified self!

  • Professional CV writing – You found your dream job and you really need to make a great impression with your CV? No problem! Our academic and professional CV writers will help you create a CV of high quality that convinces with its’ appearance, style and detailed descriptions of your skills. In addition, when you need your CV written for foreign readers, GWriters offers CV services with native speaking CV writers in 26 languages. This way we ensure both the correct use of words and an appealing appearance of your CV according to local requirements.
  • CV proofreading services – You are afraid of embarrassment and rejection by having mistakes in grammar and spelling in your CV? Our freelancers spot even the smallest mistakes in your CV, including technical terms and specifications.
  • Professional CV editing – Our professional CV editors do not only spot and correct mistakes in grammar and spelling, but also discrepancies in your content, style and structure. We assure you will receive a CV that is ready for submission.
  • Professional translation services – Whenever you would like to submit your CV in a foreign company, GWriters’ translators do not only translate your CV but also your attachments. In order to rewrite your CV according to foreign standards, our CV service is available for 26 languages and its’ countries.

Importance of an excellent CV service

The CV or curriculum vitae is, besides the cover letter, the most important document in the application for any job. Regardless of who you are and how much work experience you have, most employers will ask you for your CV, if you apply for a serious job. Together with the cover letter, these documents must be so convincing, that you are invited to a job interview preferential to the many other applicants to the job. Knowing this, it becomes obvious that the CV is of enormous importance for your further way of life. A professional CV service will help you in your application process. GWriters therefore offers its CV services, which include the whole preparation of a new CV or the improvement of your existing CV in order to guarantee that you will make the best impression.

International CV services

The appearance and form of a CV can differ depending on the country the company is located in. In the United Kingdom a CV is a short document of maximum two A4 papers that summarise your professional experience, qualifications and personal information. CVs in UK are often optimised to highlight the potentially important information according to the position you are applying for. In USA and Canada a CV is increasingly used as a replacement for the résumé. The CV focuses stronger on education than a résumé and should include your professional experience, academic experience, any publication, contributions and achievements. Therefore a CV can be of a longer form. Nevertheless, in the US and Canada the trend goes towards a brief and short form of CV highlighting the important steps in one’s background and previous experience. In the EU, the Europass is a good example of a standard CV. The Europass was developed by the European Union to ease the comparability of applicants within the member states. The Europass CV is a short listing of the important stages in a life of an applicant. The same is valid for other CV services in the EU.

CV structure

The following information is generally included in every CV service and also typically organised in this way:

  • Name and address
  • Education
  • Dissertation
  • Fellowships and awards
  • Teaching experience
  • Research experience
  • Publications
  • Works in progress
  • Professional experience
  • Languages
  • References

Useful Weblinks

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