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Use our academic resume help to create a resume that displays and highlights your skills, education and experience in such positive terms that the employer has no chance but to invite you to a job interview!
When applying for a job you have to advertise yourself and present yourself in the best way possible. You have to convince an employer that you are the right person for the job, that there is indeed no one who could do it any better than you. It would, of course, be easier to prove your potential in a face-to-face conversation but before this is possible your resume has to do the talking. Use our professional resume services to improve your chances for a job interview:

    Our professional resume services

  • Writing service – You found your dream job and you really need to make a great impression with your resume? No problem, our academic and professional resume writers help you write a resume of high quality that convinces with its’ appearance, style and detailed descriptions of your skills. In addition, when you need your resume written for foreign readers, GWriters offers best resume writing not only in UK, but also in several other countries with native speaking resume writers in 26 languages. In such way we ensure both the correct use of words and an appealing appearance of your resume according to local requirements.
  • Proofreading services – You are afraid of embarrassment and rejection by having mistakes in grammar and spelling in your resume? Our freelancers spot even the smallest mistakes in your resume, including technical terms and specifications.
  • Editing service- Our professional resume editors do not only spot and correct mistakes in grammar and spelling, but also discrepancies in your content, style and structure. You can be sure to receive a resume that is ready for submission.
  • Professional translation services – Whenever you would like to submit your resume in a foreign company, GWriters translators do not only translate your resume but also your attachments. Our resume service is available in 26 languages.

Defining a professional resume

A professional resume is a document that helps you to acquire work or to exploit new job opportunities. It represents a short summary of your educational and professional history and describes personal skills and professional experience, relevant to the career path you wish to explore. By highlighting achievements, it is meant to persuade a potential employer of your qualities and suitability for a particular job. The professional resume is often accompanied by a cover letter and if successful, it ideally results in an invitation to a personal interview.

International differences

In most countries a resume is synonym for the curriculum vitae (CV). However, in some English speaking countries such as the United States, English Canada or Australia, a professional resume is a much shorter version of the CV. Unlike the British CV that lists the professional experience, detailed educational background and other personal training, an American resume, concentrates mainly on the applicant’s work experience. Education, personal training and other skills only play a minor role and should be mentioned only very briefly as “additional information”.

How to write a professional resume

A professional resume should be brief (not longer than two pages), concise and exact. In some countries like the UK a resume has to be exactly two pages long. It is however a fact that companies receiving many applications (e.g. online applications) do accept longer resumes to help them single out candidates. When writing a professional resume it is important to tailor the content to the requirements of the position applying for. “Standardised” resumes would rather be regarded as a lack of interest in the particular position on part of the applicant. Since the style of a resume that is seen as professional can vary from country to country, the European Union has created a the “Europass”, a resume template that offers a unified style, which can be downloaded in 28 different languages from:

In every case, a professional resume should cover the following points in this order:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Contact details: address, telephone and Email
  • Career objective (optional)
  • Educational history
  • Professional experience/employment history
  • Other professional qualifications
  • Special skills

Further description of a professional resume

The title of the resume is the name, which should be placed clearly at the top of the first page where it stands out from the rest of the page, followed by contact details. To avoid age discrimination, it is recommended not to mention the date of birth. It is possible to include a short career objective at the beginning of the CV and describe career goals to draw more attention to an application. This is followed by the educational/employment history. Recent university graduates who do not have any relevant work experience as yet should list their “educational history” before their “work experience”. All achievements and positions in a professional resume should always be listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent qualifications first. Information on educational achievements does not need to be excessively detailed but it should include: date when the qualification was obtained, grade, subject, name of the institution that was graduated from, additional information. The employment history must include the dates of employment, company’s name, town, job title, description of the position held and what skills and experiences were gained. Particularly relevant skills to support the application can be included under “special skills” e.g. knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills etc. If the applicant wishes to include a photo it should be a passport-sized professional head shot. The language should be concise and the resume should be written from a third person’s perspective. Key information is best highlighted with bullet points.

Useful Weblinks

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