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University students today experience a growing pressure to do well and get high marks. The pressure on these young people is indeed increasing as they are pushed to work hard and finish their studies in less time. Unfortunately, their academic education thus falls by the wayside and they do not get a real chance any more to learn how to work academically. The composition of an academic essay hence proves to be a problem for many a stressed student. And not every university lecturer has the time to provide them with the necessary guidelines to academic working and writing. Essay help can be sought at GWriters.

Essay services

GWriters offers several kinds of essay help:

  • Essay writing service – Our academic essay writers can offer essay writing help for your complete essay or only special parts. When you already started the writing process, we can complete your work. A check for plagiarism with software used by universities in UK and second proofreading by a supervisor is included to ensure the best help with essay at the highest quality standards.
  • Proofreading services – Our freelance proofreaders from your field of study do not only spot general mistakes in your grammar and spelling, but also in technical and very specific terms.
  • Editing service – Not only grammar and spelling mistakes, but also discrepancies in content and structure are spotted and corrected in our essay editing to make your work ready for submission and publication.
  • SEO copywriting services – Whenever you need writings with specific keywords for your website or blog, you can order our essay writing help and receive an essay that is unique, well-researched and includes your relevant keywords.
  • Plagiarism check – If you wrote an essay by yourself, you want to make sure that you used all references properly to avoid being accused of plagiarism.
  • Professional translation services – Whenever you need your work translated for international readers, use our translation essay help. Due to our large database of freelancers, we can offer translation essay help by native speaking academics in 26 languages.

Freelancers offering essay help

Our academic freelancers offering essay help can assist you in all aspects of academic essay writing. All writers working for us have an academic background and their significant skills and knowledge make them experts in their respective fields. Their essay help guides you through the process of essay composition and assists you when time is simply not on your side. We understand that nowadays most students not only have to combine studying with work but also have to finish their studies successfully in a rather short amount of time before entering the tough competition of the labour market. With our essay help, you can stop worrying about your essays and have the time to learn for important exams.

Academic essay writing help

The writing of an academic essay is to prove that a student has the ability to think independently and work scientifically. The composition is also a matter of practice and right essay help as there are a few basic steps, which have to be considered before the writing process can commence:

  • brainstorming
  • finding a topic
  • doing research

Then you can start structuring your essay and write it down. This structuring process is fairly important, as an essay is not extremely long but restricted to a certain amount of pages or words. Hence your paragraphs should be right to the point and well thought out. Show that you have done your research but have also come to an insight of your own. Simply repeating what others have said regarding that particular topic is to be avoided. Instead have an individual opinion and then note it down by summarising your main points in concise sentences.

Form of an essay

Every essay should consist of three main parts:

  • an introduction
  • the discussion of the main topic
  • a conclusion.

While most students focus on creation of the main topic’s discussion and the developing and analysis of their ideas and thoughts, introduction and conclusion are often neglected. Remember to keep clear of this common mistake and instead put some work into these two aspects of a successful essay. The introduction is there not only to set up your topic but also to grab the reader’s attention. Display what you intend to work out and why your subject is of interest to the academia. You can then pick this consideration up again in your conclusion by shortly summarising what ideas you have come up with. Thus you can compose an essay that is well structured and well rounded.

Both form and content should ideally be fully worked out and be combined in an academic essay of quality. Our writers will gladly offer essay help to achieve that goal.

Useful Weblinks

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